A New Mode in Black Ops 2 Can Effect Your Single Player Campaign.

These days, making choices in a video game and having that affect the outcome isn't too rare. However, it is a change of pace for a Call of Duty title. According to this article at Joystiq it seems that during the single player campaign of Black Ops 2, you will be given a handful of "Strike Force" missions to take care of. When one is chosen, others will be unavailable and later replaced with fresher missions. These missions will have some impact on the campaign.

For example, in one mission you are asked to take down an enemy freighter. While you can be a single soldier and run through it, you can choose instead to do something different like take it out with aerial attack drones or use a CLAW, a dog-like land-based attack vehicle, to sweep in and destroy everything.

But these single-player missions set in the near-future aren't simply random missions without a story wrapper. Instead, they offer players an opportunity to play Call of Duty with an element of rarely seen choice. While they offer a change of pace, theses choices and events can then influence and leak into your single player mode and possibly change the world in Black Ops 2.

So it seems that the best endings may entail the use of a modded controller to ensure you gain the upper hand and the advantage over your computerized opponents until you decide to drop into an online match.