Details We Can Gather From the Black Ops 2 Trailer

As of the first of May, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was officially confirmed and its trailer was released officially to the public during the NBA playoffs (though it was leaked earlier through proxies in its UK site but that was taken care of in its early stages).

You can find the trailer here:

Despite the intensity of the action throughout the trailer, you can still tell the game is packed with narrative content, but the majority of the games plot is still in the dark.

But after watching the video a couple of times, we can confirm the following:


  • >It's in the future setting of 2025.
  • >Frank Woods is alive, at the age of 95 (since he was born in 1930 according to Black Ops Intel) and quite possibly serves as the narrator of the entire game.
  • >Robotics and Technology are highly present and have evolved greatly over the last few years.
  • >Possibility of military technology could point its guns at us or be hijacked.
  • >Los Angeles is now a warzone.
  • >Action in the Middle East and the past will play a significant role. According to a press release from the Washington Post, we are likely to go back in time to when the Russians invaded Afghanistan through the eyes of Alex Mason (from the first Black Ops and also the father of the protagonist).