Black Ops 2 is Now Officially Confirmed and Could Possibly Have the Return of Sgt. Frank Woods

Just very recently (thanks to Kotaku), Treyarch officially announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and confirmed all of its rumors. In addition, they added an image revealing content that hints at the return of what seems to be Sgt. Frank Woods from the first Black Ops game. As seen here on MP1st, there are almost canon-level hints of his return in the sequel. There are additional content including to be his aged face and voice (likely done by the same voice actor), while there is no additional information of his role in this semi-futuristic Black Ops sequel.

So with all the revealing content, I guess we should get our PS3 and XBox 360 modded controllers ready as we're heading into some Black Ops set in the future. And it looks like Frank Woods is coming along for the ride.