For most of you, max Prestige isn't something you will be reaching for a good few months, but for one gamer, he has set a goal to be the first to reach prestige in Black Ops 2. Ernest Le became the first player in the world to max prestige in Modern Warfare 3, and he's back at it again with Black Ops 2.

Ernest, who's teamed up with GoldGlove, TmarTn and Jericho, will be playing and live streaming Black Ops 2 twenty four hours a day. The stream can be found at and has so far received over 5 million unique viewers.

For most, achieving a goal like this would have to take more than just a passion for playing video games, but a huge amount of dedication and trying to reach max prestige before anyone else will be difficult. Thousands of others are reaching for max prestige as well, with some players also playing on a 24/7 game stream.

You're probably thinking that playing Black Ops 2 every single day practically non-stop is a little strange, but Ernest Le's Twitch TV page is filled with sponsors, so it's clear that not only are he and his friends playing video games 24/7, but they're also making money from it.

Sponsors include Samsung, EAT24, and KontrolFreak. With the huge amount of interest our population has with video games, it seems to be getting easier and easier to land a decent paying job playing just video games for a living. Perhaps he should speed up the process by ordering our newest Modded Xbox 360 Controller, the Master Mod v3. The Master Mod v3 includes 10 Exclusive Mods for Black Ops 2.