After the delay due to Hurricane Sandy, Rockstar has finally released the second trailer for GTA 5. The new trailer depicts the world of GTA 5, and flashes between the three characters that you will play as in the game. Straight away, it's easy to note how far Rockstar have worked on the story of the game, and I think the characters are going to feel more lifelike and humorous than ever before. On top of the realism within the three main characters storylines, the graphics are top-notch too, and although the trailer mainly showed cut scenes within the game, the graphics in GTA 5 will probably be a big improvement from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will take players back to San Andreas, where the story progresses between the three separate characters' lives as they weave in and out of each others stories, creating a huge, well-constructed single player experience. On top of the huge storyline, the total land space of Grand Theft Auto five will be four times that of Grand Theft Auto 4.

Players will be able to switch freely between the three protagonists on the map whilst free-roaming, which is useful to quickly transfer to different areas of the map, but once in a mission, the characters are restricted to better fit in with the story.

Other than the above, not many features have been announced for Rockstar's next open world crime game, but we're probably going to learn a lot more about the game running up to its release date next year.

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