Black Ops 2 Combat Training Info

Unbelievably there are still some gamers who will play through the campaigns, but will avoid the multiplayer aspects, and for Call of Duty, the multiplayer is one of the biggest attractions to the game. It comes to no surprise then that Treyarch have put a lot of effort into encouraging those players into the online experience.

The first of those is going to be the inclusion of a competitive combat training mode experience, allowing players to level up to level 10 by fighting in groups against other similarly leveled players and AI. Once at level 10, this game mode becomes locked out, but players of any level can still play “bot stomp” missions to better their skills or to learn map layouts either solo or with a team, perfect for competitive clan training.

Not only does this allow newer players to get away from the harsh hardcore competition, but it also allows longtime players and pros to play games away from the huge wave of noobs skilled at nothing but sitting in the middle of the battlefield with a noob-tube.

No news has been announced of any prestige-specific game modes, but if this were to be included, Black Ops 2 would make Call of Duty all the more challenging for allowing players to compete against others of similar invested game time.

There will also be a huge improvement in weapon player customization allowing players to mix and match weapon attachments and perks in a way that's not been seen before, giving players the ability to create a loadout to better compliment their play style.

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