Dust 514 Info

"The Biggest multiplayer FPS on the market" is not a claim to make lightly, but CCP, the developers of the popular MMO Eve, believe this is so.

The game will be the first large scale PlayStation exclusive that will not include a physical CD, making the game only available to download off of the PSN store. Dust 514 is expected for release later this year, but what will the game actually include?

The Dust 514 team has worked very hard alongside those at CCP to create a multiplayer console experience that interacts with CCP's space combat MMO. The firefights that Dust 514 players experience will help Eve players to capture territory and planets in the huge space eco-system.

Dust 514 isn't set to the traditional standards of FPS games, and will be better known as an MMOFPS, and on terms of scale, this very much could be the biggest multiplayer experience to date.

CCP and Sony seem to be content with the scale of the game, and Dust 514 will have an entire universe of planets and areas of engagement within them, as well as combat scenarios of up to at least 64 separate players by launch.

There will be many mechanics of Dust 514 that are current in all first-person-shooter games, so you're bound to see an assortment of weapons and controllable vehicles within gameplay, but the basis of the game is very different.

You'll start the game by choosing a separate race for your character, and you will progress through the game with that character, earning cash to be spent on new gear in-game. Dust 514 is likely to be released late 2012 or early 2013, and will cost around $10 to $20.

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Written by Ollie Green