This past week, Black Ops 2 information regarding their zombie mode has flooded the gaming industry, as the fans get ready for its release in November.

Treyarch admitted that the zombie mode in World at War was just a time waster for the players but since the popularity around this mode has grown it was time for them to make this more than just that.

The game will have three primary game modes regarding the zombie gameplay.

Tranzit: This new mode is the primary one for Treyarch's new zombie gameplay. It involves a team of up to four players come together in a very large world fight the zombie hordes from place to place using, or not using, a bus to get from location to location.

One cool option that Treyarch has implemented is the ablilty for players to build tools and weapons to help them through this journey.

Grief: The most different mode coming to the zombie gameplay is Grief. Grief puts two teams of up to four people against each other in this zombie-infested world of Tranzit. The idea is the first team to lose all its members loses while the survivors are the winners. The catch?

The other team cannot physically harm them so they must pit the other team in precarious situations. Treyarch said that new mechanics will be implemented into this mode especially.

Survival: This is the classic zombie mode that the fans have grown to love. The basic concept is to hole up in a small world from the "Tranzit" maps and defend yourself from the hordes of zombies. A tried and true method that will let the purists indulge in the zombie apocalypse they know from the previous Treyarch Call of Duty games.

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