Games and Info on Black Ops Multiplayer

Black Ops will take the Call of Duty multiplayer formula and try to evolve it and make it better than before. Treyarch has been working on improving the online play, adding new features that will hopefully satisfy the fans. Gamers will be able to customize their character and weapons. Being able to change the appearance of my character will be a great addition, any type of personalization in a game is awesome.


Treyarch has revealed that there will be new multiple game types. One is called Wager matches where players will be using their call of duty points and competing for the top 3 spots. The winners go on and take points in a segment called "In the Money". Players will be putting their Call of Duty points on the line and playing in different playlists. This game mode is almost needed because it will be very hard for players to boost their stats because there is no join session or if a player decides to leave a match will lose their money they won and cannot keep it. I like this idea of a new game mode because it is something different than playing Search and Destroy or Team Deathmatch. I am excited for Wager Matches; it will be like gambling with other gamers.

For the most part it seems Black Ops will hold onto the core components that have made the online play great in the past. Team Deathmatch, Domination, Ground War, Free for all and many other playlist are back. A new Call of Duty means we get to see more weapons, like the crossbow. With a new online play, we get new perks; like Flak Jacket were damage is reduced by explosion. Gamers should get excited for this installment of the series, even if Infinity Award is no longer working on it. Black Opps comes out on November 9th in the U.S.

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King