Games & Info on Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

Star wars Force Unleashed 2 has finally arrived, the much-anticipated sequel to the first installment Starwars Force Unleashed. For those who have limited Starwars knowledge, the Force Unleashed series takes place between episodes 3, Revenge of the Sith and episode 4, A New Hope. We get to see Darth Vader and his secret apprentice, Starkiller. Players once again will be able to control the super power Jedi.


Here is a quick recap of what happened in the first game. Starkiller starts off as Vader apprentice, and Vader plans to train Starkiller to destroy the Emperor, so Vader can rule the galaxy himself. However, the Emperor (who is Vader ultimate master) tells him to kill his apprentice. Vader doesn't kill his apprentice, but sends him on a mission to join the Rebels and fight against the Emperor. I know the story gets a little confusing, but for our sake, Starkiller joins the good guys (Jedi) and goes against Vader and the Emperor and eventually sacrifices himself (SPOILER ALERT).

Now, that you have a better understanding what happened in the first one, I can explain what makes the second installment, just ok. The first Force Unleashed was unique because gamers were able to play as a super power Jedi, something never done before. LucasArts decided to turn up the heat and make this Jedi a super power being. The first Force Unleashed we were introduced to a new character, new story, new powers. The second installment only expands on that somewhat.

Don't get me wrong, the game play is far better in Force Unleashed 2 compared to the first one. The graphics are great and the cinematic cuts almost make it feel as if it was a miniseries. However, the game becomes redundant and old, like the first one. I can only cut up Stormtroppers with my dual light sabers so many times before I get bored. That is where LucasArts made their mistake with Force Unleashed 2. The plot line does develop Starkiller's character, but the game play is repetitive.

Majority of the game consist of you walking around these beautiful Starwars worlds and fighting a whole bunch of annoying enemies, then finally you will fight a boss, who is never that challenging. At least you're a super power Jedi who can't be beaten. I think they make Starkiller too powerful, simply because the guy is grabbing space ships and destroying Rancors (150 feet monsters) like it is nothing. It's exciting when a sequel to a great game comes out because we want to know what happens next in the story, what are the new features, what is going to be improved. It seems the developers were more focus on developing the plot and less on the actual game play. I think Star wars fans should play this game because it is a lot of fun, but I think Force Unleashed 2 will make a better rental than purchase. Once you beat the game, there is not much left to do. I enjoy playing this game, and recommend gamers try it.

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King