Gearbox Software gives away free copies of Borderlands 2 at their PAX panel.

Randy Pitchford and the rest of the top staff of Gearbox Software decided to give a surprise for everyone who attended their panel at Pax Prime last week. It wasn't a preview on any new content for the first Borderlands nor was it free convention-only DLC content. They pulled off an Oprah and gave everyone in the audience a free copy of Borderlands 2 when it is released. Of course unlike what Oprah did when she gave away cars, at it's unlikely that the audience members were going to have to report $15,000+ on their next tax forms.

Of course, the catch to get the code for a free copy of Borderlands 2 was rather simple. Randy, in a hilarious stunt, made everyone take an oath on swearing their loyalty to 2K games, which was the following:

"I, state your name [which most people said "state your name"], am getting a free copy of Borderlands 2. I will never forget the AWESOME generosity of 2K Games. I understand that the livelihoods of the people of 2K Games and Gearbox Software who've dedicated their lives in providing us entertainment, depend upon my patronage as a customer. So to the extent that I have the meets, I look forward to repay the kindness shown by purchasing other titles by 2K Games and Gearbox Software. I would also like to thank for coming up with the idea of giving ME a free copy of Borderlands 2, Mr. Steve Gibson of Gearbox Software. I trust, that if all the developers at Gearbox Software are as passionate and clever as Steve that Borderlands 2 and all of Gearbox' games will be BADASS.

After this was all this was established, Gearbox probably won Pax Prime when it comes to convention giveaways. It's not every convention where you give out an unreleased full game for free at the cost of swearing an oath. The last time I swore an oath for the sake of video games was when I swore an oath to never tell anyone I bought the Virtual Boy.