Think ahead and save on future Gears of War3 DLC with the Season Pass.

Epic Games' Gears of War 3 is approaching very closely that I swear I could hear the curb stomping and the lancers revving up. As each day passes by, we get closer to the release date of September 20th. And also on that day, we can save ourselves some extra money down the line by purchasing the GOW3 Season Pass for downloadable content.

The season pass will be set at a price of 2400 Microsoft points (which is about $30.00), the pass gives its holder an all-access pass to the first four pieces of future Gears of War DLC , which we can start seeing by November and then continuing on through the next year. The pass, if you buy it, will have you saving nearly 33% over buying each DLC piece individually. Also if you were to purchase the Season Pass, you'd get an exclusive "Liquid Metal Weapon Set" so you can be styling and bling-blinging while mowing down everything in horde mode.