What better way to show off an upcoming incredible game by sticking a highlight like Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring) in the trailer?

Giancarlo is seen reading from a story whilst the scene cuts off to an animated scene including Guardians who are involved in an epic battle.

The Guardians are soldiers that have been trained to protect Earth. Bungie recently revealed that the Guardians are playable and have different classes, including a tough Titan character, a weaker Hunter, and another Warlock class. Like many MMOs, each class has their own benefits and disadvantages. Bungie has made sure to make their classes easy to understand by changing the stature of each class.

For example, the Titan is a class that has a top heavy build, and this shows that this is a tough, but slow character. In the middle, the Hunter is a class that has a fairly even build throughout, and at the bottom, the Warlock has a bottom heavy build, showing the speed and vulnerabilities the class has.

The scenes that follow on from the beginning section of the trailer include everything that makes sci-fi great, including Alien creatures, varying types of weapons and vehicles, and beautiful Alien scenery.

The trailer also includes an amazing backing track that sounds just as magnificent as the music that made the Halo series so special, and Destiny really looks like it's going to be a wonderful treat to anybody that plays.

If you've been looking forward to the game, this trailer is definitely going to get you excited for the release.