Last week, the Xbox One was announced, and with it came a lot of boos from the gaming community. But why? Surely a brand new console is a good thing for us gamers?

The truth is that, despite the console having updated hardware to play bigger and better games, many Xbox fans have felt that the Microsoft games consoles they once knew just aren't the same anymore. Microsoft has now put even more emphasis into the idea that the Xbox isn't just about gaming but it's also about media content.

The 'all-in-one' machine as Microsoft have called it, is capable of being a games console, TV box, media player and many other pieces of hardware you may find in your living room. Whilst this is good for the family, gamers feel a little cheated.

Gamers are now going to be bombarded with more media content on their dashboard, and are going to be encouraged to integrate that into their Xbox usage, thanks to various contracts that Microsoft has signed with companies like Amazon, Sky, Virgin and other media services.

Whilst this may not have that much of a bad effect on gamers in the long run, Microsoft managed to pull a pretty boring show at the One reveal and instead of focusing on games, focused more on the media content and all-in-one capabilities. This has left gamers feeling a little empty-handed, and whilst a few games were announced, there really wasn't anything there to light the show up.

If you're a gamer and are worried that the Xbox just won't cut it, don't give up faith yet, and wait till E3 to see what Microsoft have up their sleeves. Who knows, maybe the Xbox One will still be that outstanding gaming console as well as a handy all-in-one media player.