Brink has been in and out of the media for quite some time. I don't think people really know what to make of it. The developers' diary reveals a game that wants to be a little bit of everything. Splash Damage refers to it as a genre bending title and I can see why. Brink has a little bit of Mirror's Edge, it has some Team Fortress 2, and it definitely has some SOCOM elements to it as well. The developers say it breaks apart the barrier between a single player game and a multiplayer one, but what does that mean exactly?

Hyperbole aside. Brink appears to be a squad based shooter with a cool and unique art style that's almost a love child between Borderlands and Team Fortress 2. I like it, I dig the way it looks, but with the new Call of Duty map pack, will we have time to get invested? Brink definitely offers more complexity then what you find in other FPSes. It's a class based shooter that can become dangerously addictive. Everything you play under your profile will earn your character experience helping you unlock new weapons, weapon attachments, as well as aesthetic modifications for your character.

The game promises to mix up player objectives by allowing players to decide their own course of action based off of how their team is doing. If their team mates seem as though they are doing just fine leading the offensive you can choose to capture a command post instead. Each map will allow for multiple player objectives.

The single player appears to be nothing more then an excuse to teach gamers how to play as a team, but maybe with a compelling enough narrative, it'll turn out to be more then that. Brink comes out for PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC on May 10th, less then a week away. Are you interested?