Modded Controllers: Master Mod 3 Pack

The diehard gamer wants everything in their modded controller. They want adjustable rapid fire, auto burst, universal rapid fire, everything, the works. But they shouldn't buy multiple controllers, each with a single function. Introducing the Master Mod, which now comes in a Master Mod 3 Pack. The Master Mod is the daddy of all controllers and can work with first person shooters such as Black Ops, Halo: Reach, Medal of Honor, the sky's the limit!

The Master Mod has the best of all Evil Controller's featured models of modded controllers. With nine different modes and nineteen different features, it's something the hardcore gamer of today should pick up. The Master Mod has got everything you or anyone else could want, it has Auto-Burst, Fast Reload, Universal Active Reload and Rapid B for chainsaw/melees, Universal dual rapid fire, and Adjustable Rapid Fire are all included. With all these features it's something for the hardcore, die-hard gamer or their friends. Speaking of, the Master Mod now is available in a pack of three modded controllers. Normally, this would be a $1050 value, but right now the Master Mod 3 Pack is for $599. Additionally, free Evil Sticks and LEDs are thrown in for customization.

Now that's value for the hardcore gamer and his/her friends. If you need to know more about this offer and others, click to know more about modded controllers.