This may not necessarily be the avenue to find readers who are also Britney Spears fans, but I have to say, I am very happy with her newest release, Femme Fatale. As a person who tries her best to get as much music for free through varying methods, like soliciting all of my friends to burn me CDs and scoping LiveJournal communities for posts, or just plain listening to them off of YouTube, (and no, I dont use illegal methods like KaZaa or Limewire – in fact, Im so outdated on those that the only ones I can reference are KaZaa and Limewire….Napster, anyone?), its amazing that I actually pulled out my credit card yesterday and purchased the entire album. It made me think that in todays day and age where free music is so accessible, it really puts the pressure on artists to release actual quality albums, and not just one with three great singles and nothing more.

I remember when I was in middle school, just a bit before music downloading got really big, and you had no other option but to buy the entire CD because you liked a single. Then you were stuck with a crap CD just because you wanted to listen to the one song, from artists that never did anything else after (Trust Company is the first that comes to mind). Now, however, where iTunes is readily available for you to purchase just the one song, it is so much harder for artists to profit if they dont make their music the best. On top of that, if I dont like the singles I hear on the radio enough but still want to hear an entire album, thats when Ill start searching for other options besides paying for the 14-20 songs on iTunes.

Therefore, I think it says a lot that I was so happy with Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends I bothered to buy the entire album, for 14 of my hard earned dollars that could have bought me two meals at a place like Subway instead. And I have to say, Im not regretting it. Yes, I do still love the singles, but Im very happy with other songs like I Wanna Go, How I Roll, Trouble For Me, and Gasoline. Above all, my favorite right now is Criminal, its slow, moody, and speaks to every dumb girl like mes pension for guys that are totally wrong for us. I am sure not very many of you gamers are B. Spears fans, but its definitely a great new addition to her already fabulous collection, and a hell of a lot of fun to dance and party too.

In other recent iTunes purchases (yes, purchases), I bought I Need a Doctor by Dr. Dre and friends, Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon, Alors on Danse remix by Stromae with the insufferable but ingenious Kanye, and Stay the Night by James Blunt, who Im ever loyal to. Definitely glad with my new music!