Nintendo confirms that the Wii's successor will be arriving in 2012.

Nintendo has recently confirmed the release of the successor to the Wii. While no name has been announced for it yet, they are planning to reveal it at this year's E3 convention. They did release information that the new console will go on sale in 2012.

While the sales of this new Nintendo console hasn't been included in Nintendo's forecasts (that go up till March 2012), it is believed we won't see it until something Spring 2012 or after.

There is a code name for this project, it's called "Project Cafe". In addition, this console is to be a powerful machine that will surpass the 360 or the PS2 in graphics and technical specifications and will sport a controller that combines the traditional d-pad & buttons set up with a touch screen.

Until we know more of Project Cafe's unveiling at E3, we will have to think about what Nintendo has in store for us. In my opinion, I do hope Nintendo learns from the Wii's success but also their mistakes. One mistake I want to point out is the five hundred thousand casual games for the Wii I see being sold everywhere. Nintendo, go back to your SNES roots and remember the gamers that made you what you are. You had a great run selling the console to casual gamers and everyone parental unit in America. It's time for you to be where you belong. Go back to your "PLAY IT LOUD" roots. Besides, I think everyone here can agree we don't need a console that support titles like "Walk it out" and "Project Runway".

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