destiny day one updateIn a new interview, Destiny's director of production, Jonty Barnes, discussed his plans for the near future of Destiny, and Bungie's vision for new content and updates as players start to experience the game once it has been released.

The release of Destiny is now less than two weeks away, but once the game has been released, Bungie aren't going to be slowing down with development. In fact, they have plans to keep the game updated often.

On day one, an update for the game has already been planned - this update will include a range of changes that Bungie couldn't quite get into the product before the game went gold. This will include changes to the UI and how easy it is for players to read it and navigate it, and other small tweaks to the overall experience.

Jonty went onto discussing about improving the game over time to keep players happy with Destiny as a whole, suggesting that Bungie want to keep their players content with the stuff available in-game. "We do have things we're going to change over time that will make those experiences better. You'll see stuff and you'll go, hey, have you seen what they've done to the explore mode recently? Maybe we should do some of that - it seems a lot better."

"We're going to try to do that for all of the game and build on the world. Having gamers participate in the dialogue about what they would like to see, not just our own team and user research group of gamers coming in and out, it certainly makes - it has done historically for Bungie - our games better," Barnes said.

It sounds like Bungie are going the right way about making an online game that the players can truly have a say in, and I can't wait to get my hands on the game later this month.