Call of Duty: Elite

As if Call of Duty wasnt the buzz in the gaming world already, with its recentlyannounced Modern Warfare 3. We come across some new information that may get you evenmore excited. They announced a few days ago that they are coming out with a Call of Duty EliteBeta. Starting on July 14 a select few gamers will get the chance to experience a small taste.While many people will want to participate in the new Elite beta, it is somewhatunfortunate because not everyone will be able to use it.

In order to get your shot at the betathere are a few things you must know. First off you must go and sign up in order to even beconsidered for the Elite beta. You must play Black-Ops multiplayer and it is going to be invite-only. While this announcement has only been released for a few days, more than 1 million BlackOps players have already signed up to try and be one of the lucky few who get chosen.

Activision is releasing many new features with Elite. They are offering two differentplans for gamers to decide which will fit their style best. First they have the free version. Thiswill give players multiplayer action, which will include some new enhancements like a matchanalysis. It will tell you what happened during the game, along with the statisticsand leaderboards. Also they are releasing apps for tablets, smartphones, etc. So you can beconnected even when youre not playing the game. The second version is a paid subscription,and they have not decided on a price yet. This includes awesome features that more of youhardcore gamers out there will appreciate. You can create actual clans that can hold privatematches and can view and share exclusive video content. There are many more pros to this
version, but not all the details have been released.

While this is a special experience that Activision is try to bring to its consumers. Itsoverall goal is to try to better connect players even when they are not on Xbox live or the PlayStation Network. Activisionhas found a way to utilize our widely developing technology to their advantage. Many of you
are probably overwhelmed with the joy of all the news the Call of Duty franchise has beenreleasing, and wondering how long you will have to wait. While we only get the chance toexperience a small fraction of the beta, it will be fully released along with Call of Duty: ModernWarfare 3 on November 8th of this year.