Despite Sony's and Microsoft's best attempts to keep hackers and modders out of the gaming communities on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, it seems more and more people are finding ways into the system to cheat online and ruin gameplay for others.

Call of Duty has never been perfect for this, and when it comes to modded lobbies and cheats running around in-game, the average Call of Duty gamer has probably heard at least something about such things existing.

Unfortunately, it looks as if hacks and cheats on Call of Duty Ghosts have hit an all time low. Many players are reporting issues with players using hacks to give them access to perks all the way through a game, and others have accidentally found themselves inside a modded lobby, where players are boosting and gaining thousand’s more points per minute than actually possible.

On top of the hacking problems within the game itself, news has hit that a team of hackers have managed to release a torrent file for the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Ghosts, despite the next gen console not actually being available in retail yet.

The torrent would allow pirates to illegally play the game by downloading it onto a blank blu-ray disc.

Despite all of these reports, Infinity Ward have yet to make a comment about the problems, and many players are concerned that the issues will never be addressed at all.