A small percentage of PlayStation 4 users are complaining about various issues related to the new next generation console, and some of these problems are even preventing customers from playing on the PS4 at all. These problems range from HDMI display problems such as a broken HDMI port out of the box, or a console that refuses to output any signal after downloading an update, to more mysterious updates that cause the PlayStation 4 to pulse it's line of lights a certain color depending on the issue that the console is dealing with. This has spread a lot of conversation across the internet, and the general consensus is that along with the HDMI problems, and what people are now calling the YLOD, (yellow light of death) it may be best to wait before buying a new PlayStation 4 console if you haven't pre-ordered already. The scale of the problem is of course hard to gauge at this point, and like any kind of product, the unhappy minority are always going to make more noise than the satisfied majority, and Sony have yet to comment on the scale of the problem. If you have ran into any problems, you are probably best off taking it back to the retailer you received it from and picking up another model if available, or if you ordered online, phone up or send an email asking for a replacement as it's likely the issues will be covered by the warranty. Sony are also suggesting that anybody with faulty hardware should send it back to them to get it fixed.