Last week we talked about the PS4 date potentially being leaked by UK chainstore Asda, and it looks like this week another popular UK chainstore, known as Tesco, has just leaked a tad too much information on the new Call of Duty title.

Although we've been unsure about what Call of Duty game will reach the market, everyone is 90% certain that a COD game will come this year, following on from their current annual scheme. This year's game should be scheduled to be under development by Infinity Ward, and the leaked box art from Tesco shows just that.

Whilst at the bottom of the box art it states Infinity Ward, the rest of it is occupied by a soldier with most of his face concealed, whilst wearing a Call of Duty-like scarf and gloves.

The title for the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, has already made it's rounds in the gaming community, with the biggest ripple to start it all off being from a Youtuber named Drift0r, who has said he has been supplied information from a very legitimate source, and that Activision will announce the title around May 1st.

When most people with a fairly unknown background come onto the internet to explain their connections with the industry and the leak out information about an upcoming game, it usually turns out to be false and misleading information, but now along with Tescos fumble, perhaps Drift0r is right, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, a game that is rumored to take the futuristic feel of Black Ops 2 even further, may really reach retail this year.