Rockstar Games has suggested to its fans via their official website that three new trailers will soon be revealed, giving players more details on the three playable characters in the new GTA V, currently known as Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

GTA V will be the first game to include multiple protagonists to play as in the series, according to Rockstar, who first revealed the details about the three characters earlier last year. The details also stated that in some cases, players will be able to swap back and forth between the characters when they are involved within the same mission.

All three characters will have different skills and abilities, and I can imagine that the overall gameplay experience for all three characters will feel distinctly different from the other two, so it'll be interesting to see what these new trailers show us.

Previously, two trailers for GTA V have been released, but no real gameplay has been shown. The trailers scheduled for April 30th may or may not show gameplay, but as the game is still a few months from release, I can see Rockstar not revealing playable gameplay footage just yet.

Grand Theft Auto is currently scheduled for launch on September 17th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U after its original release date was rescheduled.