COD Fans on the Go Can Rejoice with a Vita Title Coming Soon

So by now, a lot of people have their hands on the Playstation Vita, but like most console and portable console releases, there's only a small library of games at release. But if you can wait for this Fall, FPS fans can rejoice with a Call of Duty title for the Vita. Confirmed here on Joystiq, Sony's Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth, casually dropped to the video game news media that there will be a Call of Duty installment for the Vita. He said that in the autumn, they're really looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita, and that it's going to be "an absolute game-changer for the platform".

When asked for more details, Longworth followed up that Sony wasn't ready to announce which title will be hitting Vita.