Someone Made a Custom Joystick with Michael McDonald On It

So every once in a while, I like to take a break from the everyday video game news to bring you something you wouldn't believe. For those who don't know me, I like classic American Rock music like the Steely Dan, Chicago, and the Doobie Brothers. I also like fighting games. I just never thought I'd see the two combined.

But apparently someone else did. As seen here on Kotaku, an eBay seller who goes by the name of "grithiffthsgamesmegamart" made a custom arcade-style joystick which former Doobie Brothers member Michael McDonald gracing its cover. When asked by Kotaku and other sources why he made such a weird custom arcade stick, he said he just woke up really early one morning and decided to make it. Talk about spontaneous creativity.

The custom arcade stick now on sale on eBay, but it's only available for the PSone and the Playstation 2; though some people can fix that problem so that anyone can use it on the PS3. Still, it wouldn't hurt checking it out, especially if you got a taste for both good old American Rock and fighting games like I do.