California Pulls Portal Prank on New York Public Sculpture

In the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan Island sits Alamo, a giant cube sculpture by Tony Rosenthal which was created in 1967. The cube is not that far from from New York University, The New School, and few other New York landmarks. It's been known to show up in various videos as well be the victim of a few pranks, like being turned into a giant Rubiks Cube.

Just recently, reported on Kotaku, the latest stunt involving Alamo turned into the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal. Oversized pieces of fabric were laid over the famous sculpture with the beloved cube's design of grey and pink hearts. A note from the Caltech Prank Club claims responsibility in the manner of your typical Aperture Science lingo. Sadly, there wasn't any cake to celebrate the occasion.

When reached for comment, Chell had no comment. Then again, ANY comment from Chell would be a miracle.