3DS Owners! Want the Second 3DS Pad? It's Only at Gamestop.

So if you're a 3DS owner, you've heard about the new add-on for Nintendo's portable console, the Circle Pad Pro. The Circle Pad Pro, a $20 add-on will add a right analog stick and two more shoulder buttons, will only be sold at Gamestop, according to Kotaku.

So you'll only be able to get this peripheral via your local Gamestop or through their website. Which I think from a gamer's standpoint to be exclusively stupid and inane. I was born and raisedin middle of nowhere rural Illinois where the nearest Gamestop was hours away (there was an EBGames a few towns over but that was before Gamestop bought them out). Also, Nintendo basically shot themselves in the foot with this as they denied other retail outlets to sell their product at places like Walmart and Best Buy.

If you don't have a GameStop close by, you can bet that third party companies that mimic original gaming equipment are likely to attempt their own and you can imagine those will wind up in Walmart and other retailers.