A Brilliant Ad Campaign for a Game that Needs No Advertising

by Guest Writer: Ryan Keeler

For a gamer, everyone knew the relevance of November 8, 2011. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hit the shelves and millions lined up to pick up their copy. Even if you aren't big into video games, the Call of Duty name is recognized. That's how big this franchise is. Kudos to Sledgehammer Games for shelling out the cash and creating a commercial for a title that some would say would have sold just as many copies without it.

The Vet & The n00b started airing the first week of November. The commercial could be seen on all channels, all times, including prime time. This is one of those commercials that even with DVR, you stop and watch. It brilliantly uses the familiar faces of actors Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill, playing The Vet and The n00b respectively. At first glance, you're not actually sure what's being advertised here. Are these two in a new war movie? Is this the actual trailer? Yet as it progresses and you catch the witty dialogue between the two, and the obvious video game graphics that surround them, you realize they are representing soldiers in video-game sequences. It shows the progression of Hill's character, from a beginner to "The Vet," while they are thrown into Modern Warfare experience after experience.

The ad campaign does its job in picking well-known actors to hammer home the message that EVERYONE plays video games. While you watch this commercial you can just picture Worthington and Hill on their own couches in their own living rooms with headsets on, playing their X-Box until 4 am. The banter between the two brings a comedic aspect that makes everyone want to see this ad over and over again. And how brilliant is the addition of Dwight Howard at the end romping through the battlefield as the new "n00b"?!? One has to applaud the creativity of this ad, and succeeding in making everyone who watches this commercial think that there indeed is "a soldier in all of us."