Can you Believe your Elf Ears?

Everyone has their secret obsession with Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and other SiFi shows and movies. Each of these include Elves and/or Vulcans whom the population of SiFi followers have deemed as sexy. One feature that they have in common: point ears.

We have seen trends of men and women undergoing plastic surgery to enhance features in order to fit their ideal stereotype of sexy. But I could not believe my ears when I heard the latest trend that ABC News was reporting on, having your ear cartilage cut open and sewn into points to create that sexy pointy ear.

This painful procedure done by body modification artists, who are not doctors, do not have the ability to supply anesthesia to ease the pain for their clients.

However, just like any other bodily modification, there are extremely real risks with undergoing this cosmetic change. There is the possibility of ear deformities and serious infections.

The procedure costs $600 for both ears, how far would you go to be portrayed sexy in the SiFi world??

If you want to see the full repot, check out ABC NEWS