First Graders getting taught with the help of the indy game, Minecraft.

Joel Levin, a computer teacher in Manhattan's Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School got an idea to use Minecraft in his teachings when he noticed his daughter built a treehouse in the game. While there was some doubts about using Minecraft as teaching tool in his head, he was satisfied with the results of his teachings.

Joel claimed that from the first day, all the kids were working and playing together in the one world. They claimed they were working together by sharing resources, taking turns, working as a team and being nice to another. Being pleased with these results, he shared them with the world in his blog, the Minecraft Teacher. He updates the blog regularly showing the game's use and results in his classroom.

Usually you'd think a teacher using video games wouldn't be accepted well in the education system, but this one was received greatly with an open mind and was then embraced heavily by the school.

Levin continues the lessons today and is planning to expand it by providing an after school program, adding on to the four Minecraft group lessons he gives out currently. If you are interested in reading more about his work, be sure to check out his blog. There's some very interesting bits of reading, especially if you're in the field of education.