Future Shop to give out Gears of War 3 bandages as a pre-order bonus.

When you pre-order or purchase the special edition of games like Gears of War or Call of Duty, usually you get some extra content like in-game unlocks or costumes and/or you get some real life content like a RC camera car (which you got from you pre-ordered the specialized edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops). Well Future Shop (Canada's answer to Best Buy) decided to add something different to the amount of swag you get for pre-ordering Gears of War 3, bandages.

That's right. You get someGears of War 3 bandages at Future Shop if you pre-order the Gears of War 3. Upon pre-order you will receive a special "Curb Stomp First Aid Kit" which is a specially designed box of 24 GOW3 inspired bandages. Which it is a great collector's item, as it could come in hand if you somehow cut yourself while playing Gears of War 3. How one finds a way to hurt themselves while playing Epic's newest release is a mystery to me.

This bonus swag is completely separate from the Limited and Epic editions of the game (the editions that include things like art books and aminiaturizedMarcus Fenix) but they do stand out as one of the oddest pre-order oddities there is in video game history. It's up there with the deku tree seeds you got for pre-ordering Ocarina of Time in Greece.