Nintendo is rumored of planning a 3DS redesign.

We reported earlier that Nintendo has dropped the price on their 3DS, but according to rumors surroundingNintendo, that's not the only thing the video game company plans to do for its newest portable gaming handheld.

According to information from the French technological website01Net, insiders at Nintendo said that their company is already working on a new 3DS model that will tone down what its previous model had and could be an entirely new rebranding as well. This possibly means that the recent price cut could have been a way for retailers like Walmart and Gamestop to clear any 3DS stock they have leftover due to its less than successful sales.

While it is not certain what you can tone down on the 3DS, Nintendo will likely surprise us with what they can do (they've done so in the past). Despite all the company has gone through recently, Nintendo continues on to be the leading innovator of handheld gaming by continuing to promote their future releases that use the 3DS's 3D technology to its fullest potential and more hardware like a detachable second analog stick.

In addition to these rumors,the Bloomberg offices in Japan reported that Nintendo is holding a pre-Tokyo Game Show event on September 13th, and will be centered around the 3DS. News of this sent Nintendo's stock soaring in the stock market immediately due to the fact that the last time Nintendo did such a thing, they announced the Wii Remote.

Right now, it's difficult what Nintendo will be doing with the 3DS and the future of its company, but likely it will be something to get the gaming community riled up and talking about what the company will bring to us in the near future.