Capcom Cup 2016 Results

The Capcom Cup 2016 Finals have come to an end and we the grand final results have come in!

If you don't want to be hit with spoilers, make sure to come back to this page after checking out the Capcom Cup previous broadcasts over on Twitch.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the top 8 players in the Capcom Pro Tour Finals were from Japan. While 6 Japan players made it to the top 8, a surprising American duo managed to make it into the finals as well. In fact, one of those USA players went on to finish in first place at the grand finals.

That player is Team Liquid's NuckleDu, who in the past year, has had not much success with getting a first place finish in an international event. With NuckleDu's great performances with Guile and R.Mika, we're happy to say he definitely deserved the win.

In second place was the second USA player, which was Evil Geniuses' Ricki Ortiz, who has always specialized with her Chun-Li playstyle. Despite the international stage, this was Ortiz third event with a second place or higher standing in 2016.

Kazunoko managed to hit a third place ranking, whilst Haitani took fourth, and Fuudo and MOV hit fifth together. Finally Yukadon and Go1 got a tied 7th placing. Below are the standings for the other 24 players.

9th: Xiao Hai, Luffy, Xian, Phenom
13th: Daigo Umehara, Mister Crimson, Eita, Filipino Champ
17th: Mago, Sako, Samurai, DR Ray, Momochi, GamerBee, K-Brad, HumanBomb
25th: Infiltration, Brolynho, Chris Tataria, Problem X, Julio Fuentes, Tokido, Justin Wong, Ryan Hart