Huge Rocket League Update Hits

Rocket League has received a huge new patch, which has been nicknamed the Starbase Arc Update.

The new update is absolutely jam packed with new features and additional content, all of which has come to every player for free. To top this off, the update has already rolled out to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A brand new trailer release has coincided with the brand new content drop. The new trailer showcases an inside look at the new features, starting with a discussion on the new training options, map preferences, and epic new starship vehicles.


Whilst the 1.25GB patch is filled with content, the main highlights have been listed below.

Starbase ARC arena
New antennae, decals, and trails
New holiday items
Support for new premium DLC
Custom Training has been added on all platforms.
Players can now set Arena Preferences on all online Playlists.
"Champions Crate IV" can now be found rarely after online matches.
The "Gizmo" and "X-Devil" Battle-Cars have received a visual upgrade.
Steam Workshop support has been added for map creation on PC.
Color Blind support has been added.

The Steam Workshop support will allow players on the PC to create and share their own custom maps, training levels, and fun mini-games, all of which could potentially make their way onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future as part of a series of free community packs. We'll, of course, have to wait on Psyonix to confirm or deny whether this could be a possibility.