capcom-cup-2016The format for the top 32 Capcom Cup 2016 event has changed. Players will now find themselves battling it out in a best of five match throughout the entire event.

Previously Capcom Cup has stuck to best of three, but after community input, the event organizers have updated the format. Players will now be playing against each other, all the way up to the final, with a best of five format. This means players will need to win three out of five rounds to take the match win.

From a spectator point, this will mean we could see fights last just a little longer, which means close matchups will be even more exciting to watch. When a player massively outperforms another, we'll only be forced to sit through another round, (3 rounds out of 5 instead of 2 rounds out of 3). However, close matchups could let us see an extra two rounds at most.

From a player's perspective, this allows players the wriggle room to make a mistake or two during games. It's a shame when potential event winners have an upset and fall into the loser's bracket - at this point, we end up seeing a series of less interesting games as opposed to close matchups in the loser's bracket. Hopefully, the format change should fix this for the most part.

The Capcom Cup 2016 event will take place during the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, CA., USA on the 3rd of December. Will you be tuning in?