skyrim-special-edition-1-2-patchA brand new patch for the Skyrim Special Edition has hit the PC and PS4, and a similar update for the Xbox One is in the works. The patch number has been listed as 1.2 and it includes a number of important fixes, and gameplay tweaks.

After patch 1.1, many players have complained about crashes and other optimization issues - this latest 1.2 patch will address any of these issues. On top of this, the new 1.2 patch will make some much needed changes to some other game bugs that have been pointed out by the community.

This promoted Bethesda to release a beta patch, version 1.2, to address problems introduced with 1.1. Patch 1.2 is now out of beta and has been made available earlier for everyone to download on PC and PS4. The Xbox One update will arrive later this week, Bethesda said.

If you're playing on PC, you will no longer have issues with alt-tabbing whilst playing Skyrim Special Edition. The crash that happened when players turned back into a human from the Werewolf form has been fixed, and a crash related to mod load order has also been worked on.

The mod browser has had some overall improvements as well - console players can now browse mods smoothly and without any freezes or other issues. Bethesda has also released a number of general performance tweaks alongside the other changes listed above.

Unfortunately, the new 1.2 patch doesn't add any new gameplay features, but the newly fixed mod browser will allow players to download new community content for free.