The People's Republic of China is to Release a New Gaming Console (and it looks oddly familiar)

As if you didn't know already, China is known for producing a lot of things. This laptop I'm typing on, that mouse you are using to navigate through your work's spreadsheets, and various other things including your Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. However, there's another side of that coin, as China is the world's largest producer of rip-off and counterfeit items and other items, such asactual video game series ripoffs.

Well nowaccording to an article onKotaku, China's largest PC manufacturer has stepped into the gaming console arena andintroducedtheiSec(formerly named theeBoxwhen itwas introducedearlier this year). Now, theiSechasan estimateddate and a price. Theobviously-a-copy-of-the-Xbox-360will be releasedon later thisautumnand will have a price of 3,000 Yuan ($470) which is almost twice the price of an Xbox 360 here in the states.

TheiSecwill have motion sensor technology like theKinectand will have launch games that emphasize on exercise. It also will double as a karaoke machine and later on, will have games developed by various developers from China, Europe, and even North America.