Play as the Devourer of Worldsin Ultimate MVC3

I always wished there was some way to play as the boss, seeing as they are the cheapest of the cheap and have all the cool abilities. Aside from the instance of playing as Apocalypse in X-men vs Street Fighter on the PS1, there really was no chance of you ever taking the reigns of the other bosses like Abyss in Marvel vs Capcom 2...until now.

Thanks tosome released news on Joystiq, Ulitmate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will allow us to control the ever-so-cheap Galactus. Capcom's strategy manager, Seth Killian, revealed at New York Comic Con that "the Devourer of Worlds" (Galactus) will definitely be playable in his own little mode.

Since he will be in his own mode and not as a regular selection character, I'm to believe that his mode could be basically be you taking control of Galactus and destroying wave after wave of characters before your replenishing life bar is depleted.