Bioshock Infinite's Difficulty Will be Increased by Early Choices in Its 1999 Mode

Today's gamers crave choices, choices on how they go and progress through the game, the choice of how their characters look, feel, and act, and many other different choices. But I remember a time when choices were non-existent. Irrational Games thought the same way too and decided that their upcoming title Bioshock Infinite, is going to do the same too with their "1999 Mode" (as stated in this Kotaku article).

In 1999, Irrational Games released System Shock 2, a game where you picked one career specialization and that's all you got. In the game, everything you did was set into stone with no ability to backtrack at all. That's how it was back then and we liked it. The same is going to happen for Bioshock Infinite.

In 1999 mode, players will pick their specialization at the beginning of the game. They'll be focused on only a certain set of skills and powers. From there on, everything in the game will be permanent. Decisions, skills, and even death, which means you have to manage your weapons, health, and power conservatively. Just like the good old days.

When asked about this mode, Ken Levine of Irrational Games stated the following:

"I'm an old school gamer. We wanted to make sure we were taking into account the play styles of gamers like me. So we went straight to the horse's mouth by asking them, on our website, a series of questions about how they play our games. 94.6 percent of respondents indicated that upgrade choices enhanced their BioShock gameplay experience; however, 56.8 percent indicated that being required to make permanent decisions about their character would have made the game even better."

So there you have it, Levine took the opinions from his followers and upped the ante when it comes to difficulty in Bioshock Infinite. With a nod towards System Shock 2, there is no doubt I'm picking up Bioshock Infinite when it's released this year.