Learn How Activision Reacted to Modern Warfare 3's Leak

So last year, sources like Kotaku reported heavily on the MW3 leaks throughout the internet. It was the biggest leak so far in video game history and brought a lot of panic in the video game news community. Unfortunately that panic was only one half of the story all together.

The other side, Modern Warfare 3's publisher Activision reacted sort of differently to the leak. From this video from marketing site Adage Eric Hirshberg (Activision's CEO) goes into great detail of how his company reacted to the news. It seems that they turned what looked like to be a catastrophe into something they could actually work with to their advantage. As you can see from the video:

"We were probably nine months away from launching Modern Warfare 3...I was actually at my physical therapist, I'd just had surgery on my lower back, and my iPhone starts doing the nnnnnn, nnnnnn thing...so I limped over to the thing and look at it, and there's been [news about] this massive leak...it wasn't cool".

He then goes on about Activision and how it used its many different wings and sections of the company to react and work it to their advantage. Interesting and bold move on Activision's part if you ask me.