cloud 9 halo world championship

When you have a huge presence in the eSports team, spanning across multiple games, sometimes the best way to get into a huge World tournament like the upcoming Halo World Championship, is to buy out a team. This is exactly what Cloud 9 has recently done.

After reaching the final 16 in the Halo World Championship, Triggers Pound has confirmed that they have been picked up by Cloud 9. This means that in the future their name and logo will be dropped for Cloud 9's. The newly formed Cloud 9 team features the same four Triggers Pound members that made it into the Halo World Championships after beating OpTic Gaming and the Dream Team in the NA regional qualifiers.

For those unaware, the ex-Triggers Pound team consists of NA players Cloud, Hysteria, Assault and Danoxide. Cloud 9 Cloud might be a bit of a funny one to say going into the future, but either way we're happy to see that Triggers Pound is getting support from such a big organization after proving their worth at the qualifiers.

Currently there are fifteen other teams ready to fight it out for a $2.5 million prize in Los Angeles in the Halo World Championship for 2016. We think Cloud 9's odds for getting into the top eight is pretty high, but it will be interesting to see how far they can get past that. Good luck, Cloud 9! The tournament will begin on March 18 and the grand final will be held on March 20.