rainbow six esl katowice

There was a lot happening last week in the eSports world. Counter Strike: Global Offensive had a tournament that saw Luminosity Gaming and Fnatic battle it out in the grand finals in an incredibly close fashion, League of Legends saw SK Telecom T1 take Fnatic out in the finals and other games were played out by some of the best teams in the world too.

One game didn't get quite as much attention as we think it should have done, though. Rainbow Six Siege made a splash into competitive gaming this year at Katowice and it saw eight of the current best EU teams play it out on PC. Eight of the best North American teams will soon battle it out against each other two, and the top teams from each region will then take to a final tournament with a prize pool of $100,000.

In the EU playoffs, each team played four games. In first place, PENTA eSports won with 3 wins and 1 loss. PENTA had a total of 20 round wins within their four games, whilst second place TCM-Gaming had 19 round wins with the same 3-1 scoreline. In third place, AERA eSports Black came in with 3 wins and 1 loss.

gBots and WtF had two wins each whilst GIFu, dat FLAM3RS and Epsilon eSports came in with 1 win each. We still have the NA games to watch in the near future and the cash prize tournament will follow soon after that. Hopefully this will be the start of an exciting journey for eSports in Rainbow Six Siege!