Console News - XBOX LIVE reaches 1 billion hours per month


According to one of Microsoft's latest press releases, apparently Xbox Live game network users spend over one billion hours a MONTH using Xbox Live. This averages to more than 40 hours a month a member (all 25 million Live members, that is), basically, more than an hour a day for every single player.

With Microsoft's upcoming expansion from 26 countries to 35 in the month of November, that number can only substantially increase. With the addition of ESPN to Xbox Live catering to an entirely different demographic than the average game playing movie watcher, who knows how high the number will eventually reach.

These hours also account for watching television and movies on the system. According to the press release, 42% of Xbox Live Gold members (about half of the 25 million members) in the United States alone watch over 30 hours of TV and movies each month on the network, using features like Netflix, for example.

This totals to at least 157.5 million hours for video content, so around 15% of the 1 billion hours. A survey by Knowledge Networks found that 21% of media consumers in the United States from the ages of 13 to 54 use a video game console for television and movies at least once a month, whether through DVDs and Blu-Rays or via Internet Connection.

How much do you use Xbox live, readers? Are you playing more or less than 40 hours a month? Getting close to a billion yet?

Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson