Industry News - Win a Kinect with a Whopper meal.


Between November 1 through November 28, all you have to do at a BK is order a Whopper Extra Value meal and you can get a chance to get a 4GB XBox 360 Kinect bundle (once every FIFTEEN minutes).The bundle contains a XBox 360 console (4gig memory), a Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect sports. To enter and win you will have to order a value meal, then take the codes from the sandwich wrappers, drinks, and fries container and text them to a special number to enter.

Pretty ingenious...and a giant kick in my diet program. ÂÂFirst Monopoly McDonalds ends (with their chance to win things like game consoles) and now I'm drawn into buying Whoppers at Burger King for a Xbox bundle. ÂÂWhat next? ÂÂMy In-N-Out Burger holding weekly double-double animal style eating contests to win a Wii? ÂÂDoh well.....

Now to go and contact my Burger King manager friend in Michigan to see if I can't get an advantage somehow. ÂÂShe'll figure something out.

Written by Evil Ambassador ÂÂGeroncio Copiozo, hoping to sweat off Whopper calories with a Kinect