Contest: Controller Creator Unleashed.

Date: August 8th till September 3rd
3 Grand Prize Winners.

Each Grand Prize winner receives the controller they have designed.

To Enter:
Create a controller at using the "Controller Creator". Once you have a design that you enjoy share that photo on Evil Controllers' event wall. The photo of your controller must be shared on the event wall for the event "Controller Creator Unleashed Contest".


Users have a multitude of ways to share their image, but the two easiest ways are the following:

1) Hit the 'Share to facebook' Button on the Controller Creator and place the image on your facebook. Once the image is on your facebook save the image of the controller from facebook to your personal computer. Once you have that file, upload your image to the event wall.

2) Hit [Print Screen] on your keyboard and 'paste' your image into an image program like MS Paint or Photoshop. Then save the image onto your keyboard and upload it to our event wall. As long as the controller is unaltered and shared on our event wall for the contest it is considered a contest entry.

On September 3rd the Evil Techs will select 10 of the posted images on the event wall. These will be selected based off of the techs' personal taste on which designs they appreciate the most. After selecting 10, Evil Controllers will create an album called the 'Final 10'. 7 days after the album's original posting the 3 winners will be selected based off the number of likes.

Additional Information:
Evil Controllers is not responsible for the content within the images submitted for the contest. This contest is available to anyone with no purchase required. Only participates in regions where this contest abides by all of their region’s laws and policies are eligible to win.

Event Wall: