copenhagen wolves shutdown

It may be shocking for fans, but the Copenhagen Wolves eSports organization will be ceasing their operations across all games. Copenhagen Wolves started in a small internet cafe in Copenhagen back in 2009 and it has grown phenomenally since then. Whilst the name may not be equally as popular Ninjas in Pyjamas, FaZe or Fnatic, it's certainly among one of the best known names in eSports today.

Whilst the owners of Copenhagen Wolves will be moving on, and players within their team houses may have to look for other housing options, the guys behind the organization aren't completely willing to bury the Copenhagen name. In their latest statement, Jakob Lund Kristensen mentioned that if there were to "be someone out there willing and able to take over this project the right way, we would definitely love to hear from you as we still believe in the brand and the story of Copenhagen Wolves."

The main reason for this apparently sudden change in operations is due to the co-owners moving to new pastures.

"With both owners of the company fully engaged in other projects, Diglife with Ninjas in Pyjamas and me personally with Astralis, this decision seems to be the only one that really makes sense. We would have loved to keep this great brand alive but with ownership so far removed from the daily grind we would never be able to provide our players, partners and fans the dedication they deserve."