A new image has circulated around the internet showing what looks like a snap shot of a promotional poster for a new God of War game. Named God of War Redemption, the poster shows the game will be supported for both the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita.

With the great success from God of War: Ascension on PlayStation 3 earlier this year, it only makes sense that Sony Santa Monica try harder to push for a God of War release for PlayStation 4.

However, it seems a little strange to see promotional material so early on, even if it is leaked. There are two possibilities to this story- either the poster is a real poster that has leaked on to the internet, or it's a fake poster that has been made by someone who has a great attention for detail and maybe a little too much time on his hands.

What I don't get though is whenever we see leaked material like this, we never get a proper image- there are always parts missing or the image ends up being grainy and of-centered. Is it really that hard to take a decent photo of an inanimate object guys?