As we mentioned in previous posts Evil's laboratory is still brainstorming modded controllers for next generation hardware and one idea that has been sticking around lately is the concept of voice activated modded controllers. While users could still perform button combinations to activate our mods. One idea that the creator and founder of Evil Controllers has thought of, was voice activated modded controllers.

This idea is not currently in the works and may never be made, but it's an idea that is being given serious attention to in regards to modded PS4 controllers as the Dualshock 4 features a built in Microphone.

Would like you the option to say 'Rapid Fire Mod' in order to activate your rapid fire, or 'Drop Shot' to gain advantage of our drop shot mod? What other ways could we use voice activation to make your mods easier to perform?

With a unique touch pad added to the DualShock 4, Modded PS4 Controllers may have easier to use touch pad modifications for smoother gameplay, but those are just some of our current ideas.

What would you like to see?