Counter Strike: Global Offensive Info

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not exactly a great leap for the series. It is not meant to be Counter Strike 2 but a revamp of the old game. That being said, we should not sell this game short as any CS veteran would be more than happy with this game. The game will be available for PC, Xbox360, PS3 and PC players.

Valve has actually spent some time and tweaked some of the factors of the game, the most noticeable of which is the new and improved look of the game. The map layouts, loadout interface and the physics of the game have also gone through some changes.

Anyone who has ever played any of the games from the series will instantly recognize the basic gameplay. There are a two teams to choose from (1) Terrorists and (2) Counter Terrorists. Upon respawn you have to purchase your weapons and equipment from the wide variety available. The choices range from assault rifles and smgs to powerful sniper rifles. If you survive the match, you retain your weapons. If you die, you have to re-purchase your equipment. Cash is earned by winning the matches and getting kills.

Depending on what map one is playing, the objectives differ. For example in Dust, Terrorists have a choice of blowing up one of the two target locations while the Counter Terrorists try to stop them. If the terrorists are killed before the bomb is planted, they lose. If they plant the bomb, the Counter Terrorists must defuse the bomb in order to win. Also in maps like Italy, Counter Terrorists have to rescue hostages from the grasps of the terrorists and take them to a safe extraction point.

More than a few of the favorite maps will be making a comeback in Global Offensive such as Aztec, Dust, Dust 2 and Italy. Some of the maps have gone through some changes which will be welcomed by veterans. For example, the underpass in Dust has been widened significantly. There is also a new stairway leading up from the underpass which makes for a much needed escape route for Terrorists who would otherwise have been pinned by Counter Terrorist snipers.

New weapons have also been added such as a new shotgun, a stun gun, new smgs and rifles. However, the most noticeable addition is the new equipment - the $850 Molotov cocktail. The Molotov can have a huge impact on the playing field. The carpet of fire it creates causes damage per second to anyone standing on it; as such, it acts as more of a deterrent than a direct damage weapon. This equipment is going to be very useful in map control and defense by slowing down and re-routing enemies.

Console players will only be able to play 5 vs 5 matches where as PC players will be able to create custom games involving more players. There is also a ranking system involved which will make sure players are matched with others of similar skill level. Also, bots of respective difficulty will be subbed in when human players are unavailable.

The tweaks to the interface and weapons along with the upgraded overall look of Counter Strike: Global Offensive allows the game to distinguish itself from its predecessors without losing its core which is fast, brutal and thoroughly entertaining gameplay. New comers and veterans alike will definitely enjoy this installment of Counter Strike.

Check out the gameplay:

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad